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Hosting Network Maintenance 28/01/2021 23:00GMT - 06:00AM.Scheduled on 28/01/2021 06:30

Completed [10/02/2021 09:46]

Scheduled [29/01/2021 06:40]

The issues affecting servers 40-42 have now been resolved.

Scheduled [29/01/2021 05:15]

The network maintenance window completed at 5:15, however, we noticed a further issue on the switches connected for web servers 40-42, which we're looking into this morning. Apologies, but sites on these servers may not be viewable at the moment. Please bear with us for now.

Scheduled [27/01/2021 15:41]

Our hosting data centre has informed us that they will be performing networking maintenance on their core switches, starting 28/01/2021 at 23:00 GMT and ending 6:00 29/01/2021.

Customers may notice that during this window, some services on shared hosting, dedicated servers and VPS may become unavailable connectivity wise for up to ten minutes at a time. There will be no disruption to power during this time period.

We envisage the whole process should be complete by midnight, but have allowed extra time in case further checks need to be performed.

Our apologies for any disruption this may cause.

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