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Weekend Spam Outbreak 21/12/202021/12/2020 09:01

Resolved [12/01/2021 15:07]

Identified [21/12/2020 09:01]

Over the weekend, we had noticed that our SMTP mail system received many millions of attempts to send mail through our SMTP Authentication cluster. The vast majority of these attacks came from IP addresses located in the USA, especially Amazon AWS and Google VPS IPs.

As a result of this and the need to take action, we have regrettably decided to immediately block ports 25 and 587 on (and variants thereof) to US IP addresses.

An alternative port is available and details of which are provided in the Control Panel help files, or contact Support for further information. Connections from elsewhere are unaffected, and this doesn't affect email providers in the USA attempting to send mail to domain names hosted with us.

Our apologies for an disruption this may cause.

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