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Core Network at DC5 Data Centre14/12/2020 05:22

Resolved [16/12/2020 11:25]

We believe yesterday's networking issues for the hosting data centre are now fully resolved. We have waited for the dust to settle before giving the all clear. Apologies again for any disruption this has caused. Once we receive a full explanation into the cause, we will provide this as soon as possible.

Update [15/12/2020 15:06]

The team behind the network at the hosting D/C are continuing to work on this. The issue is proving difficult to track down as it seems to be happening sporadically. We're continuing to work with them for a concrete resolution, but please continue to bear with us for now.

Update [15/12/2020 13:53]

We are still experiencing intermittent connectivity issues in our DC5 data centre affecting access to the hosting platform, which we are investigating. Please accept our continued apologies for this disruption.

Update [15/12/2020 12:59]

We have been informed that some customers experienced packet loss to services in our hosting data centre this morning. This has now been resolved, and once we have full details of the issue, we will update this incident accordingly.

Apologies for the ongoing issues at this data centre.

Update [14/12/2020 19:33]

We have received the following update from our data centre team.

Emergency Maintenance - Network Date: 15/12/2020 - 04:00 - 06:00 Start: Tue, Dec 15th 2020, 04:00 End: Tue, Dec 15th 2020, 06:00 Following an earlier incident, emergency network maintenance is required in our London (DC5) data center to maintain uptime and optimal performance. To limit disruption, the maintenance will take place in the early hours of tomorrow morning: Maintenance Window: 15th December - 04:00 - 06:00 (2-hour window).


Impact: During the maintenance window, network traffic in this location will be impacted for up to fifteen minutes and services may be intermittently available during the full window. Thank you for your understanding and we apologise for the short notice and any inconvenience this may cause.

Update [14/12/2020 15:26]

We believe the networking issues in the data were resolved this morning. We are still monitoring the situation closely and are waiting on an RFO from the D/C regarding this problem once it has been made available to us.

Update [14/12/2020 10:52]

We are continuing to see isolated networking connectivity issues to the hosting data centre, which are still being worked on. Please bear with us whilst we work with the D/C to resolve this.

Update [14/12/2020 09:23]

We are continuing to see intermittent issues affecting the network at the DC5 data centre. This is primarily affecting hosting services. Apologies for the disruption this may be causing.

Update [14/12/2020 06:20]

Service has now been restored. Once we have full details of the incident and resolution we will update this feed.

Update [14/12/2020 06:03]

We apologise for the continued disruption this morning to the network. Engineers are continuing to work to restore core services as quickly as possible. We are trying to avoid disruption during working hours if possible.

Identified [14/12/2020 05:22]

There is a know issue affected the core network at one of our data centre locations in London. This will be primarily impacting hosting facilities for shared, dedicated and VPS customers, including mail and spam filtering. The data centre staff are working to restore service now as part of emergency maintenance.

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