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Network Connectivity Issues05/07/2018 09:16

Resolved [05/07/2018 16:54]

This issue appears to be resolved now, although we are monitoring the situation carefully.

Reason For Outage - TalkTalk identified an issue with a third party peering provider, Iomart, who incorrectly advertised a subnet. This was a highly unusual event, and hopefully one we never see repeated.

Investigating [05/07/2018 10:57]

We had some of our clients confirming that they have also had it confirmed via TalkTalk Business support that there is a major fault at their end, and this is outside of our control.

Investigating [05/07/2018 10:40]

This has been raised with TalkTalk Networking and our own networking engineers and this continues to be looked into, but it is currently out of our own direct control.

Investigating [05/07/2018 09:40]

It seems people using TalkTalk as a direct customer are unable to access our shared platform.

Likewise, this is affecting our own control panel from being able to connect to the TalkTalk API for broadband availability. This is being looked into.

Investigating [05/07/2018 09:16]

We are receiving reports that some customers from external ISPs are having issues connecting to our shared platform, which we are currently investigating.

If you or your customer is experiencing this problem, please ask them to perform a traceroute to our mail server -, where we can look into this further to aid in our investigation.

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