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BT Wholesale Ethernet Interconnects Down29/10/2020 22:22

Resolved [30/10/2020 06:33]

Service was resumed at approximately 02:15. We apologise for this unexpected outage.

Identified [29/10/2020 23:42]

The on-site engineers from Openreach are estimating a 2-3 hour outage. We will keep you informed if this is extended.

Identified [29/10/2020 23:07]

The fault has been linked to Openreach engineering works in the street. We have not been made aware of any planned engineering that should have impacted service.

The engineers working on-site have been supplied the circuit references to try and recover as a priority. At this stage we don't have a fixed ETA. We will continue to monitor the situation and share any further updates.

Investigating [29/10/2020 22:22]

We are seeing that 3 BT Wholesale interconnects are down impacting some Ethernet circuits. We are in the process of investigating this and will updat the status once full details are understood.

Current Status