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Shared Windows Server 21 Upgrade 17/10/2020Scheduled on 17/10/2020 20:00

Completed [03/11/2020 22:46]

In progress [17/10/2020 22:11]

Unfortunately the upgrade did not complete successfully, so we will need to return to this at a later day. Apologies for any disruption this may cause. Services have returned to normal running Windows 2012.

Scheduled [15/10/2020 12:01]

On Saturday 17/10/2020 at 20:00 BST, we will be upgrading Windows Shared Server 21 to a newer Windows 2019 server.

The process of this should take no more than two hours to complete, and this will allow us to provide improvements on the Windows shared hosting platform, namely an up to date and faster more secure operating system and be able to provide http/2 on sites with SSL certificates, resulting in faster load times on sites hosted on this server.

During this time, any site hosted on server 21 may become unavailable for short periods of time. Our apologies for any inconvenience and the disruption this may cause.

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