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Broadband network outage affecting TTB based circuits15/09/2020 09:18

Resolved [15/09/2020 16:20]

We have seen near-normal levels of sessions restore through the afternoon. Anyone unable to reconnect should be able to do so with a power cycle. If this doesn't address it try powering down for an hour and reconnect. Failure to connect still may require assistance from our support team.

We will not terminate sessions to force a reconnection back to Telehouse North, they will naturally spread out as sessions drop of their own accord.

We are reviewing this outage internally, but ultimately the cause lay with the carrier.

Update [15/09/2020 10:11]

Apologies for the disruption caused so far this morning. This is impacting over 190,000 circuits across ourselves and other ISP.

We have been able to start new sessions via an alternative POP. If your connection hasn't already restarted, please power cycle your router to start this process.

Identified [15/09/2020 09:18]

We are seeing a lot of broadband connections offline as of around 2 AM this morning. They have been affected by carrier planned maintenance that has overrun. We are working to get updates as soon as possible.

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