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Windows Server 1904/06/2020 17:22

Resolved [13/06/2020 06:29]

Identified [05/06/2020 15:27]

Our apologies for the lack of update regarding Windows shared server 19.

A new Server "19" has been online since ~7am this morning.

Unfortunately we were not able to get the old server in a working state, so had to revert to a backup clone of the server and restore data manually, which took several hours as this server hosts nearly 2TB of data.

If a site is still not working as expected, please contact us, and we can look into the issue accordingly.

Once again, apologies for the disruption this has caused.

Identified [04/06/2020 17:22]

New hardware is now in our possession and we will aim to have moved the accounts and data across this evening. Apologies for those who have experienced downtime today.

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