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VPS Platform25/07/2019 09:03

Resolved [25/07/2019 15:42]

The issue with the VPS platform has been resolved and it was due to a denial of service attack against the platform. We have worked closely with our mitigation service and transit provider to ensure this will not happen again.

We have also investigated with them why this incident did not get detected in the manner it should have been, and this was due to a configuration issue at their end. Assurances have been provided this has been rectified. In addition to this, we are looking more closely at network level to see what further and additional protection could be put in place to further prevent this from occurring again.

Our apologies for the disruption this has caused.

Identified [25/07/2019 11:37]

The issue is on-going and does appear to be a repeat DDoS attack. We are doing all we can to recover service and put further measures in place to assist with this longer term. We apologise for the continued disruption.

Investigating [25/07/2019 09:03]

We are investigating a connectivity issue to the VPS platform. Apologies for the disruption this may cause. Engineers are working to resolve this ASAP.

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