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BT Wholesale Interconnect15/04/2019 15:19

Resolved [17/04/2019 17:19]

BT have confirmed that a line card needed to be reloaded in order to resolve the issue, we consider services to no longer be at risk.

Please let know if you have any further concerns.

Update [16/04/2019 16:24]

BT Wholesale Leased Lines were affected by an intermittent fault yesterday 15/04/2019. We saw full service return at 16:15, however are reluctant to declare a complete fix until we have a full RFO from BT Wholesale.

Identified [15/04/2019 15:19]

We have identified an issue with one of our interconnects from BT Wholesale. This may be causing intermittence and packet loss for some leased line circuits. We are working with BT engineers to understand and fix the issue ASAP. If you have a circuit which you believe is affected please continue to raise a fault via the control panel.

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