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Server 36 Emergency MaintenanceScheduled on 25/10/2018 11:00

Completed [26/10/2018 01:58]

The server rebuild and data restoration is now complete.

In progress [25/10/2018 21:17]

The server is operational and a data restore is currently being performed. At the time of writing, we have restored all accounts beginning with 'e'; a total of 500GB needs to be restored before we believe the server is back to full operation.

In progress [25/10/2018 17:25]

Unfortunately the disk repair in server 36 has not worked, so we are in the process of restoring this server from a recent backup and rebuilding it accordingly. This may take several hours, but we will update the service status page once completed.

In progress [25/10/2018 16:21]

16:19 Our engineers have been working on this server and unfortunately repairing the disks in this machine has not worked according to plan. We are still working on this, but may need to restore from a recent backup onto a new machine in the coming hours. We apologise for the continued disruption this has caused.

In progress [25/10/2018 11:06]

Server 36 will be taken offline shortly for an emergency disk replacement. Downtime will be kept to a minimum.

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