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Networking Issue @ DC528/05/2024 11:39

Resolved [28/05/2024 14:04]

The issue has been identified and corrected with core switches at the data centre. The data centre staff are continuing to look into the issue to prevent a repeat. We apologise for the disruption this has caused to hosting clients this afternoon.

We are checking through things with the control panel before releasing access again.

Update [28/05/2024 12:57]

We apologise for the time this is taking. Senior engineering teams at the data centre are working on this. It is impacting ourselves and other customers at the facility. As soon as we have more details or an ETA we will share this.

Investigating [28/05/2024 11:39]

There is a known networking issue affecting hosting servers housed in DC5. On-site hands are aware and working on the issue.

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