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Linux Hosting Server UpgradesScheduled on 18/04/2024 21:30

Completed [18/04/2024 21:29]

The upgrades are now complete.

Scheduled [16/04/2024 12:59]

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our infrastructure, we are pleased to announce that we are carrying out hardware upgrades to servers 60-71 this week. These upgrades will help enhance performance and ensure greater uptime and stability on the hosting platform.

The work will take place from 8PM as per the following schedule:

Tuesday, 16/04/2024: Servers 60-63
Wednesday, 17/04/2024: Servers 64-67
Thursday, 18/04/2024: Servers 68-71

Services will be offline for a short period whilst the servers are powered down to allow the upgrades to take place. Although we anticipate brief downtime for each server, we are taking all necessary precautions to reduce any inconvenience.

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