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Virgin NNI Outage at Telehouse West15/01/2024 13:54

Resolved [17/01/2024 10:57]

Virgin have yet to provide an official RFO. So far they have not been able to explain the outage experienced which affected ourselves, other ISP, and their own retail broadband operations.

Update [15/01/2024 14:49]

We are seeing service restored. Virgin have commented that they experienced a fault at their Poplar Metnet.

Further details will be shared in the control panel incident. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Investigating [15/01/2024 13:54]

We are aware of an issue impacting 2 of our interconnects with Virgin. Affected services will have a known issue showing against impacted circuits in our control panel. We will update the incident as soon as we know more.

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