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TalkTalk API Issues31/03/2022 11:30

Resolved [14/04/2022 11:03]

Identified [31/03/2022 11:30]

We have been informed there is currently an issue with the TalkTalk API, which is causing some broadband orders and address checks to fail upon submission.

We had received the following from them

"We are investigating a disruption to the V20 Address Matching service via SOA that may cause some Availability Checks to fail

There is Technical Bridge is ongoing with Online, Enterprise Networks, OSS & SOA Teams, It seems that there may be a DNS issues causing connectivity to some associated load balancers relating to our API. Some local host file amendments were made by OSS on the porting server which temporarily restored service to identify if it was a Network F5 or DNS issue. We are currently engaging ISP team to aid Enterprise Networks investigations to confirm if the cause is DNS related."

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