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Telehouse West POP Issue13/06/2021 12:56

Resolved [14/06/2021 10:00]

At 12:32:23 on 13/06/21 a supervisor in a core switch at our THW PoP experienced an inexplicable reboot. Shortly afterwards at 12:32:40 a hot standby supervisor took over the active role and restored the overall connectivity to the PoP.

The original active supervisor that rebooted was back in service as a hot standby by 12:41:52. By 12:54:47 it had brought all its line cards online following a full and successful diagnostics run. All connectivity was restored to the site by this point.

Non-resilient leased line circuits that terminate on NNIs directly connected to the rebooted supervisor would have experienced an outage between 12:32:23 and 12:54:47.

All other non-resilient leased line circuits as well as any broadband circuits that were terminating at THW would have seen a loss of connectivity between 12:32:23 and 12:32:40.

We have raised this to the vendor's TAC for further investigation. The device is currently stable and not showing any signs of issues. As such we do not deem the site to be at further risk at this time.

Apologies for the disruption this may have caused.

Investigating [13/06/2021 12:56]

We're aware of an issue affecting circuits linked to our Telehouse West POP. This will be impacting broadband and leased line circuits. Circuits appear to be being restored, and investigations are taking place.

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