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CityFibre Outage16/02/2021 19:47

Resolved [17/02/2021 17:46]

CityFibre have confirmed that all affected services have been restored and a full investigation is underway. We apologise for those customers affected by this issue.

Update [17/02/2021 14:34]

The carrier is seeing the majority of services now restored apart from those directly connected through Peterborough. CityFibre are now awaiting an engineer to attend Peterborough sites with an ETA of 16:00, the technical teams will then work with the engineers to restore the services connected to Peterborough sites.

Update [17/02/2021 14:13]

Work has been undertaken to return stability which involved shutting down one of CityFibre's links. Following this, they have seen some services restored however, customers in the Peterborough area may still be impacted. We are currently waiting for engineer resources to attend Peterborough and carry out further troubleshooting.

Once Peterborough services have been restored they will then look to put a permanent fix in place ensuring any changes goes through the change management process due to potential impact to services.

Update [16/02/2021 21:26]

Since 20:45, we are beginning to see a large number of services beginning to restore.

However, CityFibre engineers are currently still investigating the root cause of the outage, as there may still be some services at risk and offline until this has been completely resolved and concluded.

We will continue to provide updates as to when and available.

Identified [16/02/2021 19:47]

We are aware of a number of CityFibre outages starting around 17:45. So far the carrier has referenced known issues in the Midlands and M4 corridor, however we are seeing outages in other parts of the country too. Further updates will appear once understood.

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